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Introducing Rock8 Science

Simplifying Problem Solving in Healthcare 


Rock8 Science is a solutions focused healthcare consulting company. We bring over 150yrs of combined, deep industry experience to help you solve some of the most complex issues of your organisation. Our specific expertise in commercial business transformation, optimises overall performance.

Founded on 8 core principles, Rock8 Science can help you in uncomplicating how to be successful in all 8 or individual core principles important to your team or organisation.


Rock8 aspires to be the catalyst and connector that traverses all aspects of healthcare, clinical to commercial. 


Our aim is to break down silos through a broadening of perspectives and finding a better way.

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We transform the healthcare landscape by helping our clients be more impactful and efficient through simplification, reducing complexity.


In doing so, we work towards reducing ecosphere costs to enable faster access to more affordable healthcare for everyone.



Rock8 Science

M -  +61499158280

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Location - Sydney, Australia

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